Shenandoah Valley Chess Club July 2014 Newsletter

Greetings Shenandoah Valley Chessplayers,


July 2014 Calendar
(Please check the website and Meetup Page for additions or changes)

Monday, July 14th
4:30 to 7:30 PM at Handley Library
Monday, July 28th 
4:30 to 7:30 PM at Handley Library
Handley Regional Library, 100 West Piccadilly Street, Winchester, Virginia
Meeting is held downstairs in the Benham Room

+First Annual Tournament at Handley Library was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!
Thank you to everyone who traveled and participated in this very memorable day.The enthusiasm and positive energy was simply incredible.  
Congratulations to Quad Winners!!!
Tony Bergida 
Ryan Klopp
Jeffery Walters
Bill Wagner
Stephen Mallot
I hope everyone who partook in the experience came away with something positive.  Special thanks to Carl Palameeter, Jake Tarallo, Michael Cooley, and Tim Davis who helped with the planning and setup.  And especially, my wife, Giddel.  I could not do this alone.  When I'm not playing chess, I'm not particularly bright.  I am extremely grateful to all of you for your constant presence and support.
If we missed you this time, no worries.  We sure hope to have another tournament soon.  
+  Chess Club Developments / Dates  
I am cooking up some creative lessons for new players for July 14th.  Seasoned vets are welcome to play the night away.  Summer 2014 has been unusually busy.  We are sticking with Mondays twice a month in July.  
Our Chess Dates in August 11 & 25th.  I will need a volunteer to host the 11th meeting as I may be leaving town.  By the Fall we'll settle into a solid routine of twice a month at Handley Library.  
+  Chess for Kids (K-2)
Also in development with the Library Youth Services Department is a Chess program for young kids.  Since regular chess club may be too high-speed, we are working on introductions for the kids. 
 In the Fall we may host activities at the outdoor chessboard in the Reading Gardens.  For library card holders, you can check out the over-sized chess pieces at any time from the Youth Department on the 2nd Floor.  Right now, the outdoor board is a bit under utilized.  Let's do something to change that!
 Schedule Changes for 2015?
Many have expressed difficulties in attending chess nights due to schedule conflicts.  I am exploring the possibility of moving Chess at Handley to Saturday mornings, and also finding an alternate location that will allow us to play later on Monday or Tuesday nights, maybe 6:00pm to 10:00pm.   This will take time, but I'm working on it!  That will help those who commute.
+  Our websites and Facebook group is on the lookout for your local chess news, links, or analysis. 
In the Fall 2014, we plan to kick the blog up an octave.  In June I traveled to Bryant Park NYC for lively chess games.  I met the President of the Jamaica Chess Federation, and played lively games with several great people.  I just got back from Connecticut where I spent a night with the New Britian Chess Club, the oldest and strongest club in CT.  The friendly spirit of the Chess Community is quite unique compared to other sports.  All over the world, Chess is a great way to make instant friends with very interesting people.  There is so much happening around the world concerning chess.  I like the idea of trying to bring a little bit of that here.
As I travel the country, visiting Chess Clubs, and meeting new people for games, I will blog more about these experiences on and our website,  
Feel free to join in.
Contribute your own chess photos, games, or links in our forums.  
"Like" our Facebook page, and join our local open forum,  
Think 21st century chess club, linking the best of online interaction and the Over-The-Board experience.  
By all indications, we are actually doing it!
We are planning an Kickstarter fundraiser to mark our 1-year anniversary in September.
Many have asked about donations.  We began SVCC at The Bright Center in an empty storefront with a handful of boards and a basic page on  We rented tables and chairs for six months.  Everything we have accomplished thus far -- the website, chess library, and awesome events -- have been thanks to community contributions, great advice, and a little ingenuity.  Since partnering with Handley Library, we have significantly reduced our costs.  The biggest cost now is web-servers which has been absolutely vital in getting the word out.  (We are #1 Google return for "Chess" in Winchester.)  
We would like to get more boards and equipment, and we are still just getting started.  We have made great strides in an extremely short amount of time.  We are truly poised to introduce Chess to a new generation of players in the region and sustain it for years to come.
I love the idea of Chess being open and available to anyone who wants to play.  With a few strategic moves and smart fundraising, we can keep this going at minimal costs for many years to come.
Stay tuned for details.
As always....
All Events are FREE and Open to the Public.
Bring your board, a friend, or just yourself.
For more information, email me at anytime -- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We hope to see you again soon!


David Hubbard
Shenandoah Valley 
Chess Club Director


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